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Energy Efficient Home maintenance: We strive to make your home more efficient: From installing new ENERGY STAR® windows or replacing the "cloudy" glass in your current windows; cleaning and sealing up leaking ducts or building an addition using energy efficient construction techniques and materials, our philosophy is to save energy, which saves you money.

  • Replacement glass for broken or "cloudy glass" in your windows and doors.
  • Energy efficient upgrades: Replace windows, get a new roof, add insulation, go solar- now receive up to 30% or $1,500 in Tax Credits through the new Economic Stimulus package. Click here for details.
  • Energy conservation measures. We can assess your home and offer resolutions to energy wasters. Cost effective ways to help you save money and be better for the environment - many people find they can save up to 30% on their utility bill after making just a few key changes.
  • Getting ready for winter or summer? We can help with that too.

Eco Friendly, Green Supplies: We now have a line of green, eco friendly products you can use in your home - cleaning supplies, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, laundry etc. All safe, natural ingredients from nature that really work! Buy direct from manufacturer so they actually cost less than what we are currently spending at Walmart, Target and grocery stores! Healthy, reduce your budget and help the environment too. Made in USA. Call Judy Harrelson at 336 580 2460 for information.

Yard Maintenance: Our crew can make your yard more functional and appealing:

  • Install catch basins and french drains.
  • Fix the grading.
  • Add a new gravel path or driveway; repair or extend existing gravel or concrete drive.
  • Build a Pergola for climbing grape vines and create a pleasant outdoor area for sitting.
  • Spruce up the yard: Remove broken limbs, trees and plant material and grind them for mulch.
  • We'll haul away unwanted debris.

Duct Cleaning: The reason we offer duct cleaning as a stand alone service is due to the reports from every client that has had their duct system cleaned of how much better they feel. The duct cleaning is a great step to making your home more energy efficient by sealing up a leaky duct system. This is what we do:

  • We use professional quality mold abatement standard brushes and wands.
  • We have specialty brushes for each type of duct material.
  • We use a negative air extractor that turns the complete duct system into a vacuum cleaner so it collects particles that break loose with brushing and takes them to the exterior of the home.
  • To ensure maximum particles are removed from the duct, we use a HEPA filtered vacuum system at the entrance to each duct outlet.
  • We then use water-based mastic to seal returns and register boots that are leaking and cause outside air to penetrate this system.
  • We upgrade your filters to electrostatic that not only save the homeowner money, but stops our landfills from being packed full of fiberglass and cardboard.
  • The electrostatic are heavy-duty filters that just need to be washed every 20-30 days rather than being thrown away.
  • We also carry Air Purification systems.

Job Costing and Planning: Let us use our professional experience as you begin your next project. If you are thinking about building your home, designers are a great way to save money initially while you finalize your house plan and design. Then take that PDF to an architect to turn your concept and design into a set of architectural building plans. We can review prints, meet with subcontractors, offer consulting for site planning & design, secure necessary permits and provide job pricing*. Use our professional experience to help plan your project. (when you choose us as your General Contractor, the first 8 hours will be credited to your contract). *This does not include any engineer's fees, environmental impact studies or architect's fees that may be necessary for your site.

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