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Chatham County, North Carolina

Historic Building: 89 Hillsboro Street, cont.
Window Restoration: All windows were historically rebuilt by Darrel Tracy. The final windows are original to the building. Window frame repairs are done using Smith & Company Restoration Epoxy.
Window restoration
Window restoration

The Process:
Deep Rot is removed and the remaining structure repaired by soaking the wood with a Penetrating Epoxy Sealer, and then filling the voids with wood blocks and Restoration Epoxy mixtures - sometimes up to two quarts of epoxy and a week's worth of labor are required per window.


Window restoration

Finished Result: When dry, this epoxy makes a chemical bond with the finished paint making a beautiful seal.

Window restoration



The land outback and rear entrance to the building were used to optimize the City Tap beer garden. A deck was built and a courtyard added.

The City Tap deck being built, Pittsboro, NC

The City Tap deck and courtyard, Pittsboro, NC
The City Tap owners added wonderful décor and a beautiful bar.
See www.thecitytap.com or contact Steve Carr at 919-545-0562
The City Tap, Pittsboro, NC