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Chatham County, North Carolina


The Finished Retreat: NC Mountain Cabin

The new bathroom combines
antique with modern.
A nice large shower was installed
along with a tile floor.

Mountain Retreat

The owners enjoy finding antiques that can be lovingly restored and reused into new furniture. This example is a dressing table with dry sink that we converted into a modern sink.

Mountain Retreat

The Den now provides plenty of room
for a game table, large screen TV
and lots of closets for storage.

Windows were added
into the concrete block
for natural lighting
during the daytime, which also saves energy
by not needing to turn lights on.


Mountain Retreat
Mountain Retreat
Bead board was chosen for the walls.
The homeowners then stained the lower beadboard dark green.
This gives a rustic and cosy feeling.


The Bedroom:
The homeowners painted the lower bead board panels white
which gives a nice contrast and creates a diferent feel from the halls and den.

Mountain Retreat
Mountain Retreat


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